Expenses for junior doctors relocating for work

If you have to move home to further your junior doctor training or for the service, you may be eligible for relocation expenses. Find out what types of costs you can reclaim.

Location: UK
Audience: Junior doctors
Last reviewed: 2 February 2022
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Employers have some discretion regarding the level of reimbursement that can be made so check your eligibility with your new employer prior to making the move.

The underlining principle of all relocation and travelling expenses policies should be that no junior doctor should be financially disadvantaged as a result of working on a rotation.

In some areas these expenses are administered by deaneries, in other areas by employers. Before incurring any costs, check the relevant expenses policy.


Costs you can claim for

  • The search for accommodation in the new area.
  • The purchase and sale of property (including legal fees and stamp duty).
  • Removal of furniture and effects.
  • Continuing commitments in the old area.
  • General or miscellaneous removal costs.
  • Additional housing costs in the new area.
  • Additional or excess travelling costs, so that junior doctors do not have additional travel costs associated with moving to a new post.


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​Following negotiations between the BMA Scotland junior doctors committee and NHS Scotland employers, there is a Scotland-wide agreement on relocation and excess travel expenses for junior doctors.

Claiming expenses is part of your contractual rights; we encourage all junior doctors to make sure you know what you’re eligible for.

The full details are available below.

Relocation and travel expenses in Scotland


Working on rotation?

If you are on rotation you can also claim excess mileage as a result of working at a hospital on rotation.

Paragraph 315 of the terms and conditions of service sets out that if you are required to move house during a rotational training programme you may receive removals expenses. If you choose not to move house but travel a greater distance between your home and hospital, you may be eligible to claim excess mileage.

Reimbursement is at the public transport rate unless the criteria outlined above apply, in which case the standard or regular user rate will apply. Check your deanery or employers expenses policy for more information.


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