The Doctor (November 2019, issue 15)

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Location: UK
Published: Thursday 14 November 2019
An illustration of medical icons designed to look like a retro arcade game with the caption 'game over?' in all caps

In this issue

For Mags – Mags Portman died from mesothelioma, and may have been exposed to asbestos as a junior doctor. Her husband Martin continues her battle for justice

Animal instincts – A pioneer of physician mental health describes how the culture of medicine can compound difficulties for doctors

Annual pay: -£27,000 – A consultant shocked to receive a pensions tax bill greater than her annual salary may be forced to reduce her commitments

On the cusp of collapse – Doctors describe their intense struggle to cope with what may become the worst NHS winter on record

Under covered – Care is being affected by a lack of clarity in medical insurance policies

In recovery – When cuts to drug and alcohol services have become the norm, how did campaigners in one area manage to win a reprieve?


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