Pay point for juniors welcome

by Tim Tonkin

A pay increase for junior doctors negotiated last year by the BMA during the 2018 review of the 2016 contract, will take effect from next month.

Location: England
Published: Thursday 24 September 2020
Sarah Hallett junior doctor committee chair

From 1 October a fifth nodal point will be implemented on the 2016 contract pay scales, which will apply to all doctors who are at the grade of ST6 and above in all trusts across England.

BMA junior doctors committee chair Sarah Hallett (pictured) said the introduction of a new pay point was a hugely welcome outcome.

She said: ‘It is hugely positive to see the new fifth nodal pay point being introduced into the junior doctor contract in England, following the negotiation of additional funding by the BMA during last year's contract talks.

‘This pay boost recognises the experience of junior doctors in later stages of their training and will be of benefit to many in coming years.’

Under the terms of the original 2016 contract, it was agreed that an allowance for senior decision makers would be introduced.

Following negotiations between the BMA, the Department of Health and Social Care and NHS Employers in 2019, however, it was instead agreed that a fifth nodal point would be added to the existing pay scales for junior doctors.

Salary increases will be implemented on an incremental basis as follows:

  • in October 2020 the value will be £3,000
  • in October 2021 the value will increase to £6,000
  • in April 2022 the value will increase to £7,200.

The implementation of the fifth nodal point translates to a 6 per cent increase in the annual basic pay for doctors at ST6 or above, who are paid under the 2016 contract pay scales.

The increase will however not apply to any trainee currently receiving section 2 transitional pay protection under the 2002 TCS pay structure.

All trainees who can expect to benefit from the nodal point increase are encouraged to check their pay uplifts and can consult the BMA’s payslip checking service or first point of contact, for advice and support.