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As a BMA member you get access to a range of clinical and non-clinical courses to help with your professional development and studies.

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Webinar Dealing with pressure at medical school - webinar This webinar will look at ways in which you can stay happy and healthy throughout your medical training. We will highlight the common sources of stress and distress in modern medical training.
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BMA module Dealing with pressure at medical school By completing this module, you will feel more confident in managing the workload pressures and stressors that you may face both now and in the future.
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BMA module Preparing effectively for the multi-specialty recruitment assessment On completion of this module, you should understand how to prepare effectively for the MSRAand appreciate the methodology behind the MSRA. We will touch upon the five potential question styles and practise tackling typical question types from both papers and know where to locate useful resources.
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BMA module Preparing for PLAB (The Professional and Linguistic Assessments Board test) This module will help you to think about what you need to do to prepare yourself effectively for your PLAB 1 and PLAB 2. 
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Webinar Preparing for the situational judgement test - webinar This webinar is designed to get you thinking about how you can get yourself into the right mind-set to plan and prepare effectively for the SJT (situational judgement test).
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BMA module Workload and time management This module looks at how you currently manage your time and workload, helping you scrutinise your approach to time, address your challenges and equipping you with tools to give you more control and improve your effectiveness.
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