Presenting skills - recorded webinar

In this recorded webinar, we will be looking at how you can build and enhance your presentation skills. Whether that be in person or in ever more common online environments.

Audience: All doctors Medical students
Format: Webinar
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What to expect from the webinar

  • The webinar is up to one hour.
  • It is taught by a subject matter expert.
  • No preparation is needed, just bring a pen and paper if you want to make notes.
  • This webinar has already been recorded, so it isn't interactive.
  • A certificate of attendance will not be given for watching the recording of the webinar.


What you will learn

Thinking about teaching, presentation of information, interviews and other opportunities we will be looking at the following:

  • learn how to plan and prepare adequately
  • look at techniques, tips and tricks, in person and online, to create engagement and increase effectiveness of your presentation
  • build your confidence and discuss "what ifs"

Our trainer has been delivering presentations on careers and people skills to medics for 9 years and wants to empower everyone to feel like they are able to improve their presentations or confirm that they are already brilliant!


Who is this webinar for?

  • Free for BMA members.
  • It is designed for doctors at any career stage seeking to improve their presentation skills.


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