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Junior doctor contract proposals


In response to the junior doctors' contract referendum result, we want to hear from you.

A new survey has been emailed to junior doctors' and eligible medical students in England, to enable us to identify the key areas of concern and help determine our next steps.

To provide a clear picture of the position of members, it is extremely important that all junior doctors and eligible medical students participate.

The survey closes 5pm on Monday 25 July, so make sure you have your say.

If you did not receive the email with the survey link (and believe you should have) please contact us.


Junior doctors' contract referendum - result

Votes on the junior doctor contract referendum for England have been counted.

In response to accepting the new terms and conditions, the results are:

  • TURNOUT - 68%
  • YES - 42%
  • NO - 58%

The results of the referendum will be considered in detail by the junior doctors committee at its next meeting. We understand junior doctors as well as students in their final years, will have questions about how this referendum will impact their current or future working lives. As soon as we are in a position to answer these we will let you know.

Read the press release

Read the news story


Latest information

  • NHS Employers - final terms and conditions

    On 6 July NHS Employers released the final terms and conditions of service for junior doctors in England.

    Check the NHS Employers website

    Following the last round of negotiations with the BMA, several changes were made which are of significance for those working on less than full time (LTFT).


    • An amendment to the weekend allowance for LTFT trainees, so that it is paid pro rata and will be based on contribution to the rota. This is to ensure that LTFT trainees are not disadvantaged by the lower limit on the weekend allowance.
    • An addition of a pay premium of £1500 for LTFT trainees at the time of transition, or those who are on maternity leave at the time of transition and subsequently return directly to an LTFT post.
  • UPDATED - FAQs and videos on the new contract

    We understand many of you will have questions about the new contract and what it will mean for you so we have produced a set of FAQs and short videos to help break it down.

    On 5 July it was announced that junior doctors and medical students had voted in the referendum to reject the new junior doctor contract. In light of this, some of the answers to these FAQs have changed and new questions have been added.

    Read the FAQs and watch the videos on the new contract

  • Key improvements and comparisons

    The key improvements for junior doctors are:

    • Recognition of junior doctors' work and contribution across every day of the week
    • Proper consideration of and provision for equality in the contract, with concrete support, including targeted accelerated training and pay protection for parents and carers
    • Improved flexible pay premia for specialties - such as A&E and psychiatry - to address the current recruitment and retention crisis in these areas
    • More rigorous oversight of the new guardian role to ensure safe working for junior doctors

    Read more on the key improvements

    Compare the contracts

    We set out the main differences in terms and conditions for junior doctors in England between the 2002 contract, the terms that were contained in the imposed contract of March 2016 and finally those set out in an agreed contract in May 2016.

    See the comparison (PDF)

  • Pay and transition

    See our pay tables which estimate pay for full-time doctors in training and are based on the details as set out in the terms and conditions of service released by NHS Employers.

    You can also refer to our transitional pay protection tool as a guide.

    Find out how your pay is protected

  • Next steps and your feedback

    Next steps

    Members have now had their say in a referendum on the new contract. The junior doctor committee considered the outcome of the referendum and voted to continue resisting the imposition of this contract.

    Your feedback

    A survey of members' views is underway, if you have been emailed a link to the survey please complete it before 25 July. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email [email protected]

    Help recruit your guardian

    We encourage junior doctors to take up offers to be involved with the guardian's appointment in their trust, to ensure that the person appointed has the confidence of junior doctors and is able to carry out this important role in a truly independent way.

    Read our guidance


    We hosted a series of three webchats to enable you to ask your direct questions to the junior doctor committee. Read the webchat questions and answers.

  • Impact of EU referendum result

    Following inquiries received after the EU referendum result, we would like to reassure junior doctor members in England that the new contract being introduced would enshrine certain protections rooted in the European Working Time Directive.

    These protections are transposed into UK law by the Working Time Regulations and set out maximum weekly working time, patterns of work and holidays, plus daily and weekly rest periods.

    The Working Time Regulations includes rights to:

    • a limit of an average 48 hours a week on the hours a worker can be required to work, though individuals may choose to work longer by "opting out" up to a maximum of 56
    • 11 consecutive hours' rest in any 24-hour period
    • a 20-minute rest break if the working day is longer than six hours

    The new contract enshrines these protections in the terms and conditions of junior doctors in England and they would therefore be unaffected, for the life of the contract, by any moves to reduce or remove these rights following a UK withdrawal from the EU.

  • The story so far

    Judicial review - update

    In February 2016, we launched a judicial review of the decision to introduce the new contract on the grounds that the Secretary of State had not demonstrated his public sector equalities duty, to consider and have due regard to equalities issues in policy announcements.

    Read the update (19 July 2016, PDF)

    New contract agreement

    After many months of negotiation and of action by junior doctors across England, the BMA has reached agreement on new contract terms and wider issues which address the concerns which members have raised.

    This agreement has been now been announced by Acas, with statements from the BMA and the Secretary of State.

    Read the joint statement

    This agreement forms the basis of the new contract, which will be introduced in stages for different grades and specialties as from October 2016.

    Download the joint agreement (PDF)

    How we got here

    Negotiations between the BMA and NHS Employers for new consultants and junior doctors' contracts began in October 2013, the first time contract negotiations had taken place for 13 years. After such a long time there was much to be discussed.

    Read the background to the negotiations

    How it affects you across the nations