Applying for a specialty training post

If you have finished your foundation programme and are looking to apply for a specialty training post, our guidance and resources will support you through the process.

Location: UK
Audience: Medical students Junior doctors
Updated: Friday 21 April 2023
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Whether you are applying to a specialty in secondary care, to general practice or to an academic post, make sure you have all the information you need when moving to the next stage of your medical training.


Where to start

NHS Health Careers

NHS Health Careers offers a step by step guide through each stage of the specialty recruitment process. It has resources to guide you through: decision making, preparing your CV, organising your portfolio, tips on presenting your evidence and much more

NHS Health Careers

Specialty training recruitment

Find out everything you need to know about recruitment deadlines, Oriel and more.

Medical Specialty Recruitment


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Specialty explorer

Get help with making an informed choice about your specialty. Specialty explorer is a tool for BMA members that supports your research into medical specialties.

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Applying to general practice

If you are applying to general practice, The General Practice National Recruitment Office (GPNRO) coordinates recruitment to general practice for England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Applications will go through the Oriel system as with other specialties and the process for applying, is different from other specialty applications.

If you are an academic GP, training differs in each UK country. For more information see the GPNRO website on academic posts.

View relevant dates for applying to general practice

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Live outside of the UK?

See our guidance for international students looking to study or train in the UK.

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