Working with Welsh Parliament - Senedd Cymru

BMA Cymru Wales ensures doctors' voices are heard by policymakers at the heart of government. Read our manifesto and find out more about our priorities.

Location: Wales
Audience: All doctors Patients and public
Updated: Tuesday 21 March 2023
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BMA Cymru Wales works to influence Welsh legislation:

  • we seek members' views to help us respond to consultations and inquiries by Welsh Government, Senedd committees and other organisations
  • we regularly engage with individual MSs (Members of the Senedd), Senedd committees and cross party groups
  • our policy work and collective voice of our members inform the work of MSs and Senedd debates 
  • our representatives give evidence to Senedd committees and cross party groups to further influence policy.


Our priorities

Our 2021 Manifesto sets out our priorities for campaigning activities.

A valued workforce with a supportive structure

A healthcare workforce that feels valued, supported and healthy is able to provide the best possible levels of support and care for patients.

BMA Cymru Wales is campaigning for staff to be supported in their roles, for action to be taken to improve and increase recruitment, and for the working environment of all healthcare staff to be improved.

We are calling on the Welsh Government to protect ministerial accountability for staffing levels across the Welsh NHS in legislation.

Doctors need to be supported through the adoption of an environment and culture across the whole Welsh NHS. They should be provided with opportunities for learning and development, as well as with occupational and mental health support that encourages them to feel confident to speak up and raise concerns.

Finally, Wales needs a diverse healthcare workforce that is able to reach its full potential and create an inclusive culture. This can be achieved by improving flexible working, increasing representation of women and Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds staff at senior levels and removing barriers that disabled medics face.

Action to improve population health and reduce health inequalities

The pandemic has made it clear that a healthy population is better protected from long-term health conditions and infections.

BMA Cymru Wales is calling for action by the Welsh Government and other leaders to ensure that the health of our population is supported and improved.

Welsh Government must take action to establish prevention at the heart of the healthcare system and invest in schemes to build a more resilient Wales.

We are calling for the implementation of appropriate legislation and regulations to be able to fully assess the benefits and outcomes of the interventions made to support both children and adults. Greater investment must be focussed on mental health services and projects to promote mental wellbeing.

Action on smoking, obesity, physical inactivity, and alcohol misuse could drastically reduce system pressures. Greater opportunities for healthy living must be created through expanding existing clean air zones, improving air quality standards that the previous EU regulations afforded, and the phasing-out of coal power stations.

A sustainable NHS which is fit for the future

Healthcare services in Wales need appropriate levels of funding, workforce planning and modern IT infrastructure to be able to deliver the best care to patients.

We continue to call on the NHS to set out credible long-term funding plans for social care to keep up with the demand for services. Such investment should lead to better communication and working between health and social care, particularly around referrals and discharge.

Leadership must be provided at a national level through a Wales-wide national executive and a national primary care board. 

A culture that encourages staff learning and progression must be created which, alongside appropriate remuneration, will increase workforce retention and make the NHS safer and more cost-effective.