Addressing the health challenge of long COVID

We have explored the prevalence of long COVID in the UK population and set out what is needed to prevent, manage, treat and support those who are affected. Our report also examines the specific issues for doctors with long COVID.

Location: UK
Audience: Public health doctors Occupational health doctors All doctors
Updated: Thursday 18 August 2022
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About our findings

The large number of people being affected by long COVID is a significant concern and it is crucial UK Governments invest in the monitoring, research and treatment of long COVID, and a multidisciplinary approach to its management.

It is also essential that people with long COVID have access to the financial and wider support they need. While some progress towards better treatment and support for people with long COVID has been made, far more needs to be done.


What you will get from this report

This briefing explores the prevalence of long COVID in the UK population and sets out what is needed to:

  • prevent long COVID, including in children
  • manage and treat long COVID effectively
  • support people who are unable to work due to long COVID
  • support doctors with long COVID.

It sets out a series of specific areas for action for government and others to build our understanding of long COVID, support people with long COVID and minimise its ongoing health burden in the UK.


Key recommendations

To help improve the understanding, treatment, care and support of people with long COVID, the BMA is calling for action in the following areas:

  • Detailed data collection on the prevalence and presentation of long COVID
  • Increased funding for research and infrastructure
  • Prevention of long COVID in children
  • Support for health professionals to identify and treat long COVID
  • Funding and resources to establish effective multidisciplinary services
  • Improved financial and wider support for people unable to work due to long COVID
  • Improved support and a compensation scheme for doctors and other health care workers who have long COVID

Support for members

Our employment advisers are working with individual members, employed and independent contractor doctors, with long COVID to help them access the support they need and are entitled to by their organisation.

We would strongly advise any member with long COVID who is in need of support to contact our team of advisers.