BMA awards and honours

BMA honours are awarded in recognition of a member’s distinguished and notable service to the association at any level, not only to those holding high profile offices. 

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Monday 25 January 2021
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The awards exist to recognise those who have contributed at local, regional or national level, focussing on commitment and achievement, not only time served or office held.


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Award categories and criteria

Association medal

The Association Medal is awarded to such to such members who have shown outstanding achievement and commitment at national and/or UK level to the British Medical Association (Bye-law 116 & 121).


Fellowship of the Association

A Fellowship is awarded to members who have shown outstanding achievement and commitment at a local or regional level to the British Medical Association. (Bye-law 118 & 121). A Fellowship is often awarded to those who have made sustained contributions at a local level. Those receiving a Fellowship are often the otherwise “unsung heroes” among BMA members who have consistently, over many years, worked on local committees (e.g. LMCs, LNCs, divisions, regional councils).  

The Fellowship recognises those who would potentially not be eligible for the Association Medal, but their contribution is no less important than those achieving merit nationally.

Distinguished Service Award (staff / lay members)

The Distinguished Service Award may be awarded in recognition of distinguished, outstanding, and exceptional services to the Association by non-medical personnel (not a long service award) (Bye-laws 120 & 121). 

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal may be awarded to any such member or members who shall have conspicuously raised the character of the medical profession by exceptional achievement through their service to the British Medical Association.  (Bye-laws 114 & 121 and standing orders of council).

The Gold Medal may be awarded to those previously in receipt of other BMA awards, who have gone on to give further truly exceptional service to members and the BMA.

BMA Impact Award

The BMA Impact Award is awarded to members who have given exceptional commitment and have demonstrated a tangible beneficial impact for members of the British Medical Association. (Bye-law 119 & 121)

President’s Award

President’s Award may be given to members who have given outstanding service to the British Medical Association (Bye-laws 115 & 121). 

Award presentations

Recipients of all awards will be invited, along with a guest, to the installation of the president ceremony, which is expected to take place at the ARM (annual representative meeting) 2021 to receive their awards.


Award holders

The award-holders for the 2019-20 session are:

Gold medal

  • Jane Richards

Association Medal

  • David Bailey

  • Amit Kochhar

Fellowship Award

  • Ravindra Singh Jaiswal
  • Bala Karunakaran
  • Johann Malawana
  • Gordon Matthews
  • Jeeves Wijesuriya