BMA rota checker and Riddell calculator

We've developed a set of easy-to-use tools for junior doctors to check their rotas and working hours.

Location: UK
Audience: Junior doctors
Updated: Friday 20 December 2019
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Junior doctors in England

Once you have your rota, check that it is compliant with all the rest and hours requirements of the 2016 TCS.

Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the junior doctor committee have agreed with NHS Employers that where absolutely necessary some of the requirements of the 2016 TCS can be temporarily relaxed to help manage COVID-19 related service pressures.

If your employer has utilised the provisions of this statement for your rota, breaches identified by the rota checker may temporarily be permissible. The rota checker can still be used to:

  • calculate the number of hours you are working each week
  • find your average weekly hours
  • ensure that no shift exceeds 13 hours in length
  • check you achieve at least 11 hours of rest in every 24 hour period

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Junior doctors in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

The Riddell Formula© is used to determine hours of work.

We have used this formula in a spreadsheet (xls) so that junior doctors on the 2002 contract in Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales can easily calculate their hours of work.

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