Death after leaving the NHS and your pension

This guidance is for doctors who have left or retired from NHS pensionable service with deferred benefits and for those who have retired.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Tuesday 10 November 2020
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What, who to and when your pension is paid is dependent on a number of factors including which NHS pension section you are and have been a member of.

For more details on payment to your dependents following your death after you have retired or left the NHS, visit the NHS pensions website.


Nominating who will receive your pension

Payment can be paid directly to your qualifying partner.

If you do not want the payment to go to your qualifying partner you can nominate another person(s) or institution to receive the payment. A form, available from the relevant pensions agencies at the following links, will need to be completed:

If no election is made a payment will still be due and the money will be paid into your estate and will potentially be subject to inheritance tax.


Your children’s allowance

A child allowance may be paid from the date of death to any child who was dependent on you both at the time of leaving the scheme and at the date of death.

Read full details on the NHS pensions website