Understanding the consultants' payslip in Scotland

In this short guide, our goal is to demystify some of the entries on the consultant payslip, and also flag up the areas that you may need to look at more carefully.

Location: Scotland
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Wednesday 1 May 2024
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The video below covers the questions you should be asking about your payslip, including:

  • Have you been paid for the number of hours you’re contracted to work?
  • Have you been paid at the correct rate?
  • Have you been paid correctly for things like your out-of-hours work, your availability supplement, waiting list initiative work?
  • Are the deductions for tax, National Insurance and pension contributions correct?
  • Has your employer deducted any money that you weren’t expecting?
Understanding The Consultants Payslip video cover
Understanding your payslip: Simon Barker, former BMA consultants committee Scotland chair

This guide is based on the 2004 consultant contract in Scotland. It covers the following areas and explains how they appear on your payslip:

  • job description

  • pay scales for consultants in Scotland

  • your incremental date

  • out-of-hours working

  • availability supplement

  • resident on-call

  • extra programmed activities

  • additional responsibilities

  • discretionary points

  • waiting times initiative payments

  • deductions

  • pensions

  • salary sacrifice

  • net pay

  • annual pay award. 

If you are concerned that your pay is incorrect, BMA advisers can help you understand your pay and how to get it corrected.