Armed forces doctors' pay scales

Read about the latest pay agreement and recommended salaries for armed forces doctors.

Location: UK
Audience: Armed forces doctors
Last reviewed: 1 November 2021
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Armed Forces' Pay Review Body report 2021


The AFPRB's 50th report amounts to a real-terms pay cut for the armed forces doctors and dentists.


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The Armed Forces' Pay Review Body provides independent advice to the prime minister and the secretary of state for defence on the remuneration and charges for members of the naval, military and air forces of the crown.

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The Armed Forces' Pay Review Body 2019 report recommends:

  • a 2.9 per cent increase in basic pay to all ranks within the medical and dental officer cadre
  • a 2.9 cent increase in general medical practitioner and general dental practitioner trainer pay and associate trainer pay
  • no increase in the value of military clinical excellence awards and legacy distinction awards
  • the scope of the medical officer 'golden hello' scheme will include those recruited and selected by the MOD for higher training in those cadres where there is a deficit of at least 10% against the DMS requirement


Recommended annual salaries

The report includes recommended annual salaries for:

  • accredited consultants (OF3-OF5)
  • accredited general medical practitioners (GMP) and general dental practitioners (GDP) (OF3-OF5)
  • non-accredited medical officers (OF3-OF5)
  • accredited medical and dental officers (OF2)
  • non-accredited medical and dental officers (OF2)
  • medical and dental officers (OF1)
  • medical and dental cadets
  • higher medical management (OF6)
  • higher medical management (OF5)
  • DMS trainer pay
  • DMS distinction awards
  • DMS national clinical excellence awards.