Salaried GPs' pay ranges

Pay ranges for salaried GPs are set by the DDRB. See the ranges here.
Location: UK
Audience: GPs
Updated: Tuesday 10 March 2020
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Pay ranges by nation

Nation Minimum £ Maximum £
England 58,808 88,744
Scotland 59,675 89,070
Northern Ireland 58,205 87,831
Wales 60,257 90,928

There is no pay scale for salaried GPs.

The minimum annual salary for a full-time salaried GP working 37.5 hours or nine sessions per week in England is £58,808 for 2019-20 (plus London weighting).

For a doctor working less than full time, this salary is calculated pro rata.

While the DDRB pay range for salaried GPs in England goes up to £88,744, there is no upper limit. You must ensure your salary reflects your level of responsibility, experience and qualifications.

The exact salary for all GPs is a matter of negotiation between the salaried GP and the employer.