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Doctor's annual pay review from DDRB

Read our most recent submission to the Review Body on Doctors' and Dentists' Remuneration.
Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Thursday 7 May 2020
Topics: How doctors' pay is decided
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COVID-19 impact on the pay award

The BMA wrote to the chair of the DDRB to ensure that the extraordinary efforts of doctors to support the national effort in tackling the virus is taken into account in their recommendations to the UK and devolved governments.

The letter highlights that many doctors are working harder than ever before, often in unfamiliar healthcare settings, without access to sufficient personal protective equipment. This has all been done rapidly and without any national recognition in terms of pay and reward.

Therefore, we have written to the DDRB to urge them to properly reward doctors in this year’s pay award.

Our key asks in 2020

  • For doctors across the UK to be awarded at least retail price index (RPI) inflation and a mechanism to counter the real-terms pay cuts since 2008.
  • For the DDRB to support our calls to the UK government to overhaul pension taxation policies.
  • To support our calls for NHS pay policies to promote equal opportunities for all genders.


Our response to the 2019 DDRB report

  • The combination of sub-inflationary awards across the UK, with the punitive pensions tax rules imposed by the UK Government means that many doctors have in effect seen a pay reduction.
  • We believe that all recommendations that were
    ignored last year must be fully implemented now and back-dated and be treated as entirely separate to this year’s pay award.
  • Northern Ireland is dependent on the recommendations of the DDRB for doctors across all branches of practice as there has not been a functioning government or executive since
    January 2017.
  • We know that doctors are angry that the DDRB did not include in its recommendations a mechanism to
    address the real terms pay cut that doctors have experienced since 2008.
  • We continue to be concerned about the delays to the announcements of the pay award.
  • This year, the BMA is calling for an uplift for all doctors across the UK3 of at least retail price index (RPI) inflation, with an additional mechanism to counter the real-terms pay cuts since 2008.
  • We also ask the DDRB to make observations on
    how national pay scales could be amended to smooth out large incremental pay rises in order to spread out pension growth and minimise annual allowance tax charges.
  • Our response to 47th DDRB report and overarching position
  • Our key asks
  • Economic outlook
  • Workforce and workload: working in a system under pressure
  • Pensions
  • Consultants
  • Targeted pay, flexible pay premia and productivity
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