GP Diary app - beta version

The beta version of GP Diary enables you to record your worked time. It will help you to track your work activities, know your work patterns and compare it with your contract.

Location: UK
Audience: Medical academics GPs
Updated: Tuesday 24 October 2023
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Beta testing

If you are a BMA member, sign in to take part in our beta testing.

Get insights on your working patterns

You can use GP Diary to track and self-report your work activities in order to generate an accurate breakdown of how your time is spent. This is a beta version which means further updates will be coming soon.

You can use GP Diary to:

  • enter your activities quickly and easily, including recurring activities
  • create reports to get a detailed breakdown of your work activities
  • understand your work patterns and know when you’re working beyond your contracted hours – GP Diary reports will flag if you’re working outside your contracted hours, and by how much

Who can use GP Diary

GP Diary is one of the membership benefits offered to all BMA members.

It’s designed for salaried GPs, but all GPs might find it useful.

Beta version and future updates

We want members to be able access the tool while we work on the final stages of development.

This means that there may be some features that will require updates and minor amends. It is important for us to capture as much insight as possible from our members at this stage.

Please contact us with your thoughts and/or feedback. You can also use the feedback form in the tool itself.

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