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A diary that enables you to record work activities on-the-go. It will help you to track your activities, know your work patterns and steer your job plan.

Location: UK
Audience: Consultants SAS doctors Medical academics
Updated: Friday 26 January 2024
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How do I access Dr Diary?

Dr Diary is available as a desktop tool and a mobile app:


Who can use Dr Diary

Dr Diary is one of the membership benefits offered to all BMA members.

It works for consultants on the latest version of their contract in the UK, and for SAS doctors on the 2008 or 2021 contracts. 

Medical academics and members of the British Dental Association can use Dr Diary although it is more relevant to those on the above contracts who also have at least one NHS employer.


What does Dr Diary do?

Are you working outside of your job plan?

Access Dr Diary reports to get a weekly comparison and detailed breakdown of your work activities, as well as an annualised overview of your job plan. Understand your on-call working patterns and types of activities.

Dr Diary reports will alert you if you’re working outside of your job plan and by how much.

Get insights on your working patterns

Quick and easy data entry

Copy and paste your entered activities across a day or week for easy inputting.

Enter activities on-the-go 

Get an accurate record of your PAs/sessions

Customise work activities to correctly capture work that has been done.

Track your workload 


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New improvements to Dr Diary to support you during COVID-19

Instant insights on your mobile

Access a summary of your workload on the mobile app to get a snapshot of your work patterns for the current day, week or month. For more detailed insights, that can be shared with your employer, continue to use the desktop tool.

Increased flexibility

Accurately record clinical work carried out while on-call and work done while on-leave. This includes work which might not be related to the period.

Stay informed

Get an alert when you have exceeded your weekly sessions/PAs for DCC activities and manage your preferences in the settings menu.

Customise more of your work activities

Tailor up to 14 of your work activities, so you can categorise your workload according to your requirements.

Set your preference all in one easy-to-find location

Choose between 15/30-minute time slots, and access your notification permissions.

I find it very easy to use, the breakdown of my DCC and SPA activities is very good, and it’s a useful tool for job planning.
Dr Alison Thom, Consultant, General Psychiatry

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