Job plan appeals panel

The mediation and appeals process should be followed when there is a dispute over the content of a doctor’s job plan.

Location: England
Audience: Consultants SAS doctors
Updated: Friday 10 May 2024
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The appeal panel comprises of three members with no previous involvement with the dispute. The members include: a chair nominated by the employer, a panel member nominated by the consultant and an independent third member is chosen at random from a list of individuals approved by the BMA and NHS Employers.


A brief overview of appeals panels

If there is a disagreement about a job plan, and mediation is not successful, the process is escalated to a formal job plan appeal. The doctor appealing should set out the points in dispute and the reasons forming the basis of their position.

In many cases the panel will make a simple yes or no decision, where there is a clear issue to arbitrate on. In more complicated cases, the appeal panel will have to sift through more detail before reaching a conclusion.

Training video

We have created a brief training presentation on job plan appeals panels, jointly produced by the BMA and NHS Employers.

The presentation covers:

  • what the appeals panels are for and how they function
  • some key issues you might have to consider in the event that you are asked to sit on a panel as the third member.
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Volunteer to be on an appeal panel

We are always looking for volunteers who would be willing to sit on the list of prospective third panellists. These appeals panels can help to ensure that doctors are not pressured into accepting job plans which are not contractually compliant or clinically justified.

If you are a consultant or SAS doctor who would like to volunteer, email your name and region to [email protected].