SAS Doctors' guide to strike action in England

On the day of a full walkout

Location: England
Audience: SAS doctors
Updated: Monday 29 April 2024

If strike dates are announced, you'll need to be ready. Here's your guide to what to do depending on whether you're scheduled to work or not, or if you're already at work when the strike begins.

Cover on strike days

Trusts will be given adequate notice to arrange cover for striking SAS doctors. Junior doctors and consultants will not be taking strike action on the day of any SAS doctor strike, so other doctors will be in work. Employers should assume no SAS doctors will be in work and seek cover for their shifts from other doctors. 

If you're already at work

You should finish your planned work. As per the GMC's Good Medical Practice, you are responsible for ensuring an effective handover. This is essential as part of a patient's continuity of care. 

If you're not scheduled to work

If you are not scheduled to work on a particular day of action, you personally would not need to take industrial action. You cannot have your wages deducted on this day either. You are fully entitled to join in organised activities on the day, such as attending pickets or other events, and we would encourage you to do so. 

Link up with other doctors in your department

Successful collective action depends on your ability to support each other. Make sure you know which other doctors in your department are participating and group together on the day for mutual support. If you're not already in a SAS WhatsApp group for your workplace, consider joining one or setting one up.