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Fixing pay for consultants in Northern Ireland

Consultants have seen their take-home pay fall by over a third in real terms over the last two decades. We're calling for this to change and for our pay to be fully restored.

Ballot for industrial action

Following our indicative ballot where 77.7% of respondents said they were willing to take industrial action, we have now voted to proceed to a full ballot.

Why we are asking for full pay restoration

For years, consultants here have been working harder and longer, with more complex cases in a much more challenging environment, whilst a crisis builds in the health service. However, our pay has remained the same. It no longer reflects the level of responsibility or clinical risk we undertake every day. 

You will be aware of industrial action undertaken by junior doctors in England and the vote for industrial action by junior doctors in Scotland. Our consultant colleagues in England, in their consultative ballot in February, made it clear that they are willing to take action to fix pay and fix the pay review body and they are now balloting for industrial action

The political situation is adding a further complexity in Northern Ireland, but that does not mean we stand still. The Secretary of State for Northern Ireland has announced that, in the absence of a Northern Ireland Executive, future Barnett consequentials will be paid back to the UK treasury. This means that any future pay rises that happen in England won’t automatically lead to the same pay rises in Northern Ireland.

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