Statement on medical apprenticeships

Our current position on HEE's proposed medical apprenticeship scheme.

Location: England
Last reviewed: 1 April 2021
BMA in the news Illustration

Health Education England is currently developing proposals for a medical doctor apprenticeship. Below is the BMA’s current position on this issue subject to further detail being released.

As the proposals on medical apprenticeships emerge, our initial discussions have centered on concerns that widening participation could be achieved better by addressing educational and financial barriers including for both school leavers and graduate entrants than introducing an apprenticeship route that risks the perception of two-tiers of doctors.

Regarding what we know about medical apprenticeships we have serious concerns about the way in which the policy has been developed without formal consultation with us as the UK’s largest doctors’ trade union and professional body. Based on the little we know we also have serious concerns and we have urgently sought more information to enable us to respond and act in the interests of our members and the future of the profession.

We are considering the best way to take forward the discussion and develop our thinking on this issue. We are also considering how best to manage our involvement in a way that ensures we are now sighted on the proposals but we have the freedom to challenge them publicly.

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