Share your experiences of NHS pressures

An online portal has been launched for doctors and medical students in Wales to share their experiences of NHS pressures and how the backlog of care is being addressed in their areas

Location: Wales
Published: Tuesday 28 June 2022
david bailey

During the coronavirus crisis BMA Cymru Wales regularly surveyed doctors to understand the issues in their areas and workplaces.

The results of the surveys have been used successfully to challenge and inform the Welsh Government on behalf of members, and campaign for the support doctors working on the frontline need.

Today, a new online portal has launched for members to share how current pressures are affecting them, as well as gathering vital information on how the plans to deal with the significant backlogs are progressing.

BMA Welsh council chair David Bailey said: 'There are challenges ahead for us all, given the huge backlog of care and increased pressure on the system. Please do share your experiences with us so we can amplify your voices and continue to push for improved ways of working, better working conditions and safer care for all.

'Alongside the web portal, BMA staff will be gathering your views in person, at various events across Wales. Further information and dates will be released shorty. 

'Every submission counts and will help give doctors a louder voice.'

The launch comes as waiting times released last week showed that the number of people on waiting lists for non-urgent treatment hit record levels for the twenty-forth month in a row.

In April there were 707,098 patients on the waiting list – up from the 701,418 recorded in March and a significant jump from the 456,809 seen just before the pandemic hit in March 2020. 

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