Resource aims to help medical students get a head-start with their careers

by Victoria Paice

Read the BMA's guide to help you decide what career path to take and how to maximise your chances of landing the job you desire 

Location: Northern Ireland
Published: Thursday 21 October 2021
42442 Victoria paice BMA NI med students chair

Many medical students reach their final year and begin to ask questions about what career path to take.

'Do I want to do surgery? Medicine? General practice? Academia? How do I enter core and specialty training? What do I need to know to get the best out of exams and potential job interviews?'

No matter the path you choose to pursue, entry into many specialties is becoming increasingly competitive and often requires evidence of ‘commitment’ to that specialty from medical school. 

In some cases, supplementary evidence is also asked for in your CV or application, such as teaching and leadership experience. Unfortunately, many medical students only become aware of such requirements after they have graduated.

There is a wealth of opportunities both inside and outside of medical school that can help enhance your future job prospects while you study for your medical degree.

In response to this, BMA Northern Ireland medical students committee has compiled the #ThinkAheadMed resource: a booklet and campaign aimed at highlighting key information and opportunities both inside and outside the medical school environment to help you reach your career potential.

Everything from: which year group exams hold the most weighting to applying to foundation year 1; from what extra-curricular activities can offer leadership experience; to getting involved in societies, research and teaching, to name a few.

Each sub section is colour-coded by year to help guide you as to when in your degree pathway you should be looking at those opportunities to help maximise your CV for your future job.

We hope to signpost you to a broad list of opportunities which you can access now, while you are at medical school, so that you can step into your career with a head start.

Victoria Paice is BMA Northern Ireland medical students committee chair

Download your copy of the #ThinkAheadMed resource booklet