Junior doctors accept contractual improvements

by Peter Blackburn

Junior doctors in England have voted overwhelmingly in favour of accepting negotiated contract improvements – accepting an investment in terms and conditions of £90m over four years and a 2 per cent pay uplift each year.

Location: England
Published: Thursday 27 June 2019
Juniors Working Together Emergency Manchester
Jeeves Rajiv Wijesuriya BMA junior doctors committee chair, Dr Jeeves Wijesuriya

Announcing the news at the BMA annual representative meeting, a delighted BMA junior doctors committee chair Jeeves Wijesuriya said the deal represented a ‘clear answer’ from members.

‘I wanted to be able to come here today and tell you that we had succeeded. I’m pleased to say that I can. Colleagues… it is a yes,’ Dr Wijesuriya told a packed audience in Belfast, to strong applause.

‘It’s a yes to safety. To junior doctors no longer having to choose between driving home exhausted after a long shift or paying to stay. It’s a yes to humanity, to extended periods of leave when we need it and time off when we need it most. It’s a yes to new money – £90m over four years and a guaranteed 2 per cent pay uplift each year.

‘It’s a yes to better pay for weekends and late shifts – something the Government told us three years ago that it would never concede. To £1,000 a year extra for less-than full-time trainees and an extra point on the pay scale for the most senior registrars.

‘It’s a yes to using exception reporting when we miss out on our training. It’s a yes to the independently validated study of the impact on equalities.’

Dr Wijesuriya added: ‘Our fight for working conditions is not over, and it never will be. But we are already on the road to delivering step-on, step-off training, and more flexibility so we can reflect the reality of our members’ lives and ambitions.’

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