Improve understanding of ME

by Jennifer Trueland

Doctors are being encouraged to develop a better understanding of ME by completing a free online learning module

Location: International
Published: Tuesday 23 February 2021
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Nina Muirhead, who features in the latest issue of The Doctor magazine, has developed the resource in partnership with the UK CMRC (CFS/ME Research Collaborative).

Money from the Scottish Government’s Neurological Framework has been allocated to promote the module in Scotland, but it is available free to all doctors, worldwide.

The module includes a focus on post-exertional malaise, a feature of ME, which is also seen in some patients with long COVID.

It is based on 10 clinical case studies representing patients who may (or may not) be displaying signs and symptoms of ME, and aims to improve diagnosis and management of the condition.

First hand

Dr Muirhead, a specialty doctor in dermatologic surgery and oncology at Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust, who chairs the CMRC, said it covered important topics, including the latest evidence and the patient perspective.

‘Only after I developed ME myself did I realise that I had not understood the illness,’ she said. ‘Feeling the devastating impact of ME on myself and my life, I felt determined to offer something that changed that experience for other people.’

The module has already been accessed by healthcare professionals in 50 countries, she added.

Those completing it will receive an hour’s CPD accreditation.

Complete the module