Common cause

by Stephen Kelly

Working together for a better future for all doctors: Consultants in Wales stand united with junior doctors in the fight for a fairer deal

Location: Wales
Published: Monday 15 January 2024
stephen kelly

Providing cover

As consultants begin to cover the work of junior doctors who make up 40% of the medical workforce we want to express our solidarity for their endeavour for a fairer deal. We stand united in our aim for full pay restoration.

The Welsh consultants committee fully supports our colleagues and their decision to take this form of action. The message our junior doctors are sending to Welsh Government by undertaking this industrial action is clear – The profession is overworked, undervalued and we refuse to continue to have our concerns ignored. 

To show our support we must pull together and cover junior doctor work, you are not undermining the strike; you are strengthening it. Please read through our comprehensive guidance on covering junior doctors during their strike action.



Other ways to support junior doctors during industrial action 

Picket lines

Encourage junior doctors to join a picket line at their place of work or the nearby off-site demonstration. These are taking place at most of the major hospital sites across Wales from 7am until 10am on Monday and Wednesday. 

Although only junior doctors can be on the official picket line, we encourage you to visit the pickets (perhaps taking some hot drinks or snacks!) and join the nearby off-site demonstration as a powerful show of solidarity.  


Mass demonstration

On Tuesday 16 January a mass demonstration at 12 noon will be held outside the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay. It's vital as many junior doctors as possible attend.

Please encourage colleagues to take part. All doctors are welcome, as well as medical students and campaign supporters. This is our opportunity to unite and directly show our collective strength of feeling to the Welsh Government and opposition parties. The more of us who attend, the louder our voice. 


Consultant ballot on industrial action in Wales

We continue to press ahead with our campaign to fix consultant pay in Wales. Our ballot will open on Monday 22 January when BMA members should start receiving their ballot paper by post. Please make sure your place of work and postal address are up to date by logging into your BMA Account. Or join the BMA – it’s not too late to make your voice heard

All eligible BMA members will start receiving their ballot paper by post shortly after Monday 22 January - this can take up to one week.

By law to be able to take industrial action - as well as a majority voting yes, we must have a turnout of at least 50% of members. Every vote counts

We remain united in our demands for pay restoration.


Stephen Kelly is a BMA Welsh consultants committee member