2021 PLG patient information awards winners

The 2021 PLG patient information awards ceremony was held on Wednesday 26 May 2021. See the list of this year's winners.

Published: Monday 19 July 2021
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The annual BMA PLG (patient liaison group) patient information awards recognise high-quality, accessible, and well-designed patient information.

With over 260 resources submitted on a diverse range of topics, this year's awards celebrated a longlist, shortlist, and an overall winner in a refreshed format.

If you missed it, you can watch the ceremony webcast.

These awards are not just a celebration of success stories but also a platform to share best practice, learn from high-quality patient information projects, and deliver better patient outcomes.

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2021 BMA patient resource of the year

Prostate cancer tests and treatments: A guide for gay and bisexual men, by Prostate Cancer UK (October 2018)

This booklet provides information for gay and bisexual men affected by prostate cancer, as well as their partners, family, and friends. This group of men report having different experiences of prostate cancer to heterosexual men, from having diagnostic tests through to receiving treatment and dealing with side effects. This resource is tailored to support their needs.

A wonderful resource for gay and bisexual men with prostate cancer. This vitally important leaflet has been written in a sensitive manner and provides information in a balanced and solution-focused way. Exceptional involvement with third sector organisations and those with lived experience. A truly outstanding piece of work, disseminated brilliantly, with a fantastic impact.
BMA PLG awards panel

Shortlisted resources

About neonatal care, by Bliss (June 2018)

This resource supports parents when they first arrive on the neonatal unit. It explains how neonatal care works, the care your baby might get and how you can parent your baby on the unit. There are helpful ideas for getting more support and space to note down questions and thoughts.

A fantastic resource that provides so much information to new parents when it is most needed. Comprehensive with clear chunks of information ... and lots of clear options for different formats. It will be hugely beneficial for new parents to have all this information at their fingertips as they adapt to their new role. It will also enable them to play a full role in supporting their baby whilst receiving neonatal care.
BMA PLG awards panel

Olly the Brave - Back at school and the wibbly wobbly tummy, by Molly Olly’s Wishes, (March 2019)

This is the third book in the Olly the Brave series. The story aims to help children explore feelings they may experience when they have been diagnosed with cancer and understand their treatment.

Perfectly prepared for children as they embark on a new chapter of their life after a period of illness and/or hospital treatment. The book is written in a way that will appeal to children of many ages and the lovely lion that comes with it will be a supportive and friendly companion. An excellent piece of work with real potential to improve outcomes and experience for some of our most vulnerable children.
BMA PLG awards panel

The end of life care during coronavirus hub, by Marie Curie (March 2020)

This is a free multimedia platform aimed at anyone caring for someone at the end of life. The resource addressed the increased need for support by people during the national lockdown. In particular, it provided clear guidance around whether people were allowed to visit someone who was dying.

A comprehensive and exceptional resource that must have been put together at some speed given the pandemic. This hub has been designed sensitively whilst empowering people to prepare for and plan for end-of-life care in a way that suits their needs and wishes.
BMA PLG awards panel

MND Buddies activity hub, by MND Association (July 2019)

This resource is for children who know someone diagnosed with MND (motor neurone disease). The online activity hub helps children understand how MND can affect how someone walks, talks, moves, eats, drinks, thinks and breathes. Helping children adjust to these changes also helps to build their resilience.

A wonderful resource. Engaging, with clear language and very interactive. Fantastic.
BMA PLG awards panel

Longlisted resources

Enjoy Food – helping families with diabetes shop, cook and eat, by Diabetes UK (June 2019)

This booklet is for adults living with all types of diabetes and aims to help people make informed choices about what to eat or drink. The in-depth guide includes a range of topics including healthy eating, eating out with diabetes, managing your weight, carb counting, recipes, and food swap ideas.

The awards panel said: "Brilliant to see such a culturally diverse production with recipes to suit not only those living with diabetes but their entire family and those close to them. A fantastic product which we could envisage being rolled out further and shared widely in lots of different communities. Comprehensive and much more than a recipe book."

Getting online for people with aphasia, by Stroke Association (June 2020)

This guide supports people with aphasia to use technology. The 14 sections include step-by-step instructions and information in an aphasia-friendly format. The pandemic has highlighted the importance of digital connection and it is important that people with aphasia feel they have the necessary tools, skills, and guidance to start using technology.

The awards panel thought it was "Pitched brilliantly and an excellent resource to support those who wish to become more digitally enabled in an ever more digital world. The quality of the resource is exceptional, with clear language used on a complex subject. We imagine it being incredibly helpful for patients and professionals alike."​

Your mental health after a stem cell transplant, by Anthony Nolan (September 2019)

This resource aims to reassure anyone affected by a stem cell transplant that they are not alone, the range of emotions they may be feeling is completely natural, and support is available whenever they may need it. It also provides practical tips to take control of recovery and wellness techniques to help improve mental health.

The awards panel commented: "An excellent resource that has been very well put together by the Anthony Nolan Trust. Bringing mental health to the forefront will empower patients and those around them to consider their physical and mental health at this exceptionally difficult time in their lives. Excellent involvement of those with lived experience in the development of this resource."

Move it for MS: Neuro Pilates with Jo Pritchard, by Multiple Sclerosis Trust (April 2019)

This film series brings accessible exercise to people with MS, particularly those who are housebound. Each exercise is explained and demonstrated and has been modified from standard Pilates to be safe and appropriate for people with neurological conditions. This resource was particularly valuable during lockdown, and there are plans to expand the content.

The awards panel said: "An outstanding resource making exercise accessible for all and made in such a way that it allows the user to train at their own pace. The exercises are varied to be inclusive of all people, whatever their current ability. An excellent resource for the MS community which will no doubt benefit people living with other health conditions too."

What to expect at the end of life, by Marie Curie (April 2019)

This film supports the family and friends of someone who is dying. It explains in an accessible and reassuring way the common changes that people may experience towards the end of life. The aim is to make the future seem less frightening, and help people feel more prepared and better able to cope.

The awards panel said: "A sensitively designed, high-quality and empowering resource for those preparing for and planning their end-of-life care. A genuine focus on the patient and their needs will be of benefit to so many. Well put together and an all-around excellent resource."

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