BMA courses

As a BMA member you get access to a range of clinical and non-clinical courses to help with your professional development and studies:

  • live and recorded webinars
  • BMA non-clinical modules
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BMA module Ending employment This module will give a basic understanding of the ways in which the employment relationship can be brought to an end by each party. It will explain the concepts of wrongful and unfair dismissal, and the key risk areas for litigation.
BMA module Equal opportunities This module will help you to understand the legal framework in relation to discrimination and empower employers to promote and protect against discrimination in the workplace.
BMA module Disciplining employees This module aims to take you through the important role that disciplinary processes can play in helping you as the employer to exercise control over your workforce. I will help to set clear expected standards for your employees to meet. 
BMA module Family friendly rights This module will give a clear explanation of the legal framework of family friendly rights in the UK, how employers can support them in the workplace, and take a focussed look at key problem areas for employers.
BMA module Investigations and grievances This module will cover both investigations and grievances in the workplace, giving you a basic understanding of an employer's obligations in these areas.
BMA module Disability, discrimination and the duty to make reasonable adjustments This module will help you to understand what is covered within the definition of 'disability', and take a focused look at the positive duty to make reasonable adjustments for disabled people in your workplace.