Successful job planning for SAS doctors in Wales


For SAS doctors who have expressed an interest in the new 2021 contracts, your employer must agree an up-to-date job plan with you before you accept your pay offer letter by the end of May.

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For all SAS doctors, it’s important you agree a robust job plan that represents your interests.

If you’re new to agreeing a plan, or even if you’re familiar with the process, join our contract and employment experts to discover top tips for ensuring your next review results in a job plan that suits you.


What you will learn

During this short webinar, we will cover:

  • your contractual rights
  • what a good job plan looks like for you
  • how to prepare for your job plan meeting
  • common pitfalls
  • what to do if you disagree with your job plan
  • making the most of exclusive BMA tools and support.


What to expect from this event

We aim for you to leave the webinar with

  • an understanding of some of the T&Cs in the new 2021 SAS contracts
  • guidance on what a good job plan should include
  • ideas on how to prepare for your job planning meeting
  • awareness of some of the common pitfalls you may come across
  • knowledge of the appeals process
  • knowledge of how the BMA can support you with job planning.


Who can attend

This virtual event is free for BMA members in Wales.

Organiser details

Georgina Tibbott