The George Cross recognises the hard work and dedication shown by NHS staff says BMA Cymru Wales

Press release from BMA Cymru Wales.

Location: Wales
Published: Monday 5 July 2021
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Responding to the announcement that Her Majesty the Queen has decided to award the George Cross to the NHS to acknowledge its remarkable efforts throughout the pandemic and contribution over the last 73 years of service, BMA Cymru Wales council chair Dr David Bailey said:

"It is a wonderful tribute to NHS staff across Wales and a testament to the phenomenal acts of courage, hard work and dedication shown throughout the pandemic. Staff who cared for thousands of sick patients and protected the health of the nation whilst putting their own lives at risk and making huge personal sacrifices.

"It is also a reminder just how much we rely on everyone working right across our health service in primary, secondary, community and public health care.
To ensure this most valuable institution can continue to deliver this level of care we must continue to find ways to support NHS staff with adequate investment in staff, resources, and facilities."

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