Responding to the new GP contract for 2024/25

by BMA media team

BMA press release

Location: England
Published: Wednesday 28 February 2024

Responding to the new GP contract for 2024/25, Dr Katie Bramall-Stainer, chair of GPC England at BMA, said:

“The Government and NHS England have demonstrated that rather than being the ‘stepping stone’ year to safety, stability, and hope, 2024 will instead mean reduced patient access to GP services as well as likely closures of GP practices across the country - as the business model of general practice is squeezed to non-viability and ultimately practice closures. 

“We are told by Government that the work of GPs and their practice teams is “hugely valued”. But actions speak louder than words, and GPs will see another year of cuts to their total practice income per patient which itself has only risen by £15 in over a decade, despite 1000 practices being lost, 2000 fewer GPs and over 6,000,000 more patients registered with practices across England. For this contract to match 2019/20 funding, it would need a 8.7% uplift. Instead it’s another effective cut of 1.9% and a third consecutive imposition.

“We have been told by minister Andrea Leadsom that general practice is a Government priority. But equally we know that the Department of Health and Social Care did not approach the Treasury to increase funding beyond 1.9%. They know as well as we do, that can only mean practice closures, staff redundancies, loss of the GP workforce, fewer GP Nurses, reduced activity, reduced access and an unacceptable experience for our patients.

"It didn’t need to be this way - we wanted to stave off a third annual contract imposition and agree a package of contract proposals that would be supported by the wider profession. Given this regrettable outcome, we fear that the Government has lost its final opportunity to avoid a preventable chain of events which will be viewed with anxiety and concern by the 1.39 million patients who consult their GP surgery each and every day.”


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