New report shows 'devastating scale and breadth' of discrimination against ethnic minority doctors working in the NHS, says BMA

by BMA media office

BMA press release. 

Location: England
Published: Tuesday 20 July 2021
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Responding to the Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard (MWRES) report1, which looks at the levels of discrimination experienced by ethnic minority doctors working across the NHS, BMA council chair Dr Chaand Nagpaul said:

“This data highlights the enormous gulf between the experiences of ethnic minority doctors compared to their white counterparts and the unacceptable level of discrimination that continues to permeate the medical profession.

“The BMA is pleased to have helped develop the MWRES indicators which represent an important step towards full transparency and accountability, giving us an evidence base that we can use to engender positive change.

“It has also shone a light on the devastating scale and breadth at which ethnic minority doctors are being unfairly disadvantaged throughout their career, from training to appointment to representation in senior roles and higher incidences of bullying and harassment. There is clearly a needed for systemic, widescale change across the entire NHS as the Government should be embarrassed and spurred to action by this report.

“There can be no excuse for not tackling this issue; the evidence is clear and resounding. The Government and organisations employing and training doctors have a responsibility to work towards building a more inclusive and supportive culture in the NHS. It is vital that they work to eliminate the systemic and outdated mechanisms that are unfairly disadvantaging ethnic minority doctors.”

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  1. Medical Workforce Race Equality Standard report.