Enhanced pay offer – BMA Cymru Wales invites members to have their say

by BMA Cymru Wales media team

Press release from BMA Cymru Wales

Location: Wales
Published: Thursday 9 February 2023

A statement in response to the Welsh Government’s NHS pay award enhancement from BMA Cymru Wales Chair Dr Iona Collins

“We appreciate the Welsh Government’s recent engagement regarding pay negotiations for hospital staff.

“The latest offer includes a commitment to the principle of pay restoration back to 2008 levels, working in social partnership to make practical plans to meet this aim. We have asked for this in order to help address the desperate recruitment and retention crisis within the NHS workforce and the long term pay erosion that our members have faced.

“Furthermore, the Welsh Government has recognised some of the significant workforce constraints, with mitigation included in this latest offer. We hope that the non-pay elements of this deal will support an improvement in both staff well-being and retention.

“Now that an offer is on the table for secondary care, we are engaging with members in Wales to guide our deliberations on whether we accept this deal. The final decision will be then taken by the Welsh Partnership Forum, who will vote on 27th February whether to accept the offer.

“Whatever the outcome of the final vote by the Welsh Partnership Forum, BMA Cymru Wales will continue to fight for reform of the Doctors and Dentists Review Body, unfreezing of the 2008 top SAS pay scale, for Welsh Government to commit to working towards full pay restoration and ultimately, fair pay and recognition for all doctors working in both primary and secondary care Wales.”


Notes to editors

  1. The NHS Pay award enhancement can be found here https://www.gov.wales/written-statement-nhs-pay-award-enhancement-20222023
  2. The Welsh Partnership Forum is a tripartite group made up of Welsh Government, NHS Wales and health unions representing workers in secondary care. The forum will vote on 27 February on whether to accept the offer.
  3. BMA members have been invited to feedback their views on the offer by Thursday 16th February 2023
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