BMA welcomes clarity on next phase of vaccine rollout, but warns focus must not be lost on ensuring high uptake among current cohorts

Press release from the BMA

Location: UK
Published: Friday 26 February 2021
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Responding to the JCVI’s interim advice on Phase 2 of the COVID-19 vaccination programme rollout, Dr Chaand Nagpaul, BMA council chair said: “The success of this vaccination programme relies on getting as many people vaccinated against Covid-19 as quickly as possible, and thanks to the remarkable efforts of doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers more than 19 million people have now received at least a first dose of the vaccine since December.

“We welcome greater clarity on how the vaccine programme will continue into the next phase and every effort must be made to ensure that there is a seamless progression so that the speed of the rollout is not affected as we move beyond cohorts 1-9.

“It is also crucial that, as we start to look ahead, we continue efforts to ensure high uptake among those who are currently eligible and most at risk. This includes making sure messaging and information is easily accessible and appropriately tailored to reassure people and instil confidence in the programme."

“In addition, it is vital that those identified as being at greater risk through the QCovid modelling as a result of combinations of clinical risk factors, including ethnicity, continue to be urgently prioritised for vaccination.” 

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