BMA says increased medical school places are welcomed but funding must be found for extra clinical placements

by BMA media team

Press release from the BMA.

Location: England
Published: Friday 6 August 2021
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Responding to the announcement that extra medical school places will be available this year, Dr Mary Anne Burrow, co-chair of the BMA medical academic staff committee, said:

“We welcome the news that there will be extra funding for medical school places as this desperate need for more doctors in training is a recommendation that we made in our Medical Staffing in England report, which we issued last month.

“However, this increase in student places must not come at the expense of extra funding for the existing workforce or reductions in funding in future years, because tackling the waiting lists and backlog are going to require sustained investment over many years. And the government must make clear that there will be sufficient clinical placements for all those who succeed at medical school.

“We don’t have enough doctors, those that are working are exhausted and burned out. Finding the money to train doctors of the future is therefore essential but must be matched with the right investments in medical educators and clinical placements to ensure that this leads to a sustained increase in the medical workforce.”

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