BMA responds to the Infected Blood Inquiry’s report

by BMA media

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Location: UK
Published: Monday 20 May 2024
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Responding to the Infected Blood Inquiry’s report Professor Philip Banfield, BMA chair of council, said: “This is a day to welcome the much overdue transparency and the need to not hide truth from patients, but it is also a day of shame for the NHS, because it has failed to do what it should - to help, not harm, people.

“There is no doubt that thousands of patients were failed, and families put through unimaginable distress, and for that, all those involved need to apologise. Simply put, this should never have happened, but when it did, those involved should have been unequivocally candid in their response.

“Today is a far too long-overdue day of vindication for the survivors and bereaved loved ones, and there must be no delay in ensuring that they are all properly compensated, as recommended in the report. Money will never be enough, but demanding the system finally enshrines change and accountability – after yet another cover up scandal – is essential; we owe this to those who suffered.

“This is a lengthy, thorough and hugely important report that we will now have to consider in detail and reflect on the implications for the medical profession and doctor-patient relationship. Ultimately, all parties must take into account the recommendations to ensure nothing as tragic can happen in our health service ever again, at a point when we are still facing the same poor practice and secrecy when concerns are raised about patient safety.” 

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