Primary care network funding

Information on the amended DES (directed enhanced service), the additional roles reimbursement scheme, the investment and impact fund and financial entitlements for PCNs.

Location: England
Audience: GPs Practice managers
Last reviewed: 25 November 2021
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This is a summary of the financial entitlements for PCNs for 2021/22. 


Summary of PCN DES (direct enhanced service) financial entitlements

Payment details Amount
Core PCN funding £1.50 per registered patient per year (£0.125 per patient per month)
Clinical director contribution £0.722 per registered patient per year (£0.06 per patient per month)
Staff reimbursements Actual salary plus employer on-costs to the maximum per WTE amounts as outlined in network contract DES specification
Extended hours access £1.44 per patient (£0.120 per patient per month)
Care home premium £60 per bed for the period 1 August 2020 to 31 March 2021 (£7.50 per bed per month) £120 per bed per year from 1 April 2021
PCN support payment £0.27 per weighted patient for 1 April 2020 to 30 September 2020 (£0.045 per weighted patient per month)

In addition to the payments made to the PCN’s nominated payee under the terms of the network contract DES, participating practices will be entitled to the network participation payment (£1.76 per patient).


ARRS (additional roles reimbursement scheme)

Each PCN is allocated an additional roles reimbursement sum for the year. This is based on the PCN’s weighted population share of the total ARRS funding. PCNs are able to claim up to this maximum sum each year.

For PCNs in London, the maximum reimbursement amounts per role within the ARRS will now include inner and outer London weighting on top of maximum current ARRS reimbursement amounts.

Annual reimbursement rates 2021/22

Role Agenda for change band Maximum reimbursable amount over 12 months (with on costs) £
Advanced practitioner 8a 62,705
Care coordinator 4 29,726
Clinical pharmacist 7-8a 56,829
Dietitian 7 54,841
First contact physiotherapist 7-8a 56,829
Health and wellbeing coach Up to 5 36,114
Mental health practitioners* 5 / 6 / 7 / 8a (depending on the individual registered clinician providing the service) 18,057 - 31,352
Nursing associate 4 29,726
Occupational therapist 7 54,841
Paramedic 7 54,841
Pharmacy technician 5 36,114
Podiatrist 7 54,841
Social prescribing link worker Up to 5 36,114
Physician associate 7 54,841
Trainee nursing associate 3 26,188

*The rates are set at 50% of the standard levels, reflecting the 50% PCN contribution to the salary and employer costs for the individual delivering the service.


IIF (investment and impact fund) indicators

The IIF (investment and impact fund) was introduced as part of the network contract DES in 2020/21. PCNs are rewarded for delivering objectives set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and the five-year agreement document.

IIF funding will rise to £150 million for 2021/22, as previously agreed. However, there will be a more phased approach to the introduction of new IIF indicators for 2021/22.

The following indicators will continue for 2021/22.

  • seasonal flu vaccination (including for over 65s, patients aged 18-64 in a clinically at-risk group and children aged 2-3 years)
  • annual learning disability health checks and health action plans
  • social prescribing referrals.

Prevention and tackling health inequalities domain indicators

VI indicates vaccination and immunisations area.
HI indicates health inequalities area.

Indicator Total funding available (£m) Points available Lower threshold Upper threshold
VI-01: percentage of patients aged 65 or over who received a seasonal influenza vaccination between 1 September and 31 March 8.9 32 80% 86%
VI-02: percentage of patients aged 18 to 64 years and in a clinical at-risk group who received a seasonal influenza vaccination between 1 September and 31 March 20 72 57% 90%
VI-03: percentage of children aged 2-3 who received a seasonal flu vaccination between 1 September and 31 March 3.1 11 45% 82%
HI-01: percentage of patients on the learning disability register aged 14 or over, who received an annual learning disability health check and have a completed health action plan 8.1 29 49% 80%

Providing high quality care domain indicators

PC indicates personal care area.
ACC indicates access area.

Indicator Total funding available (£m) Points available Lower threshold Upper threshold
PC-01: percentage of patients referred to social prescribing 4.5 16 0.8% 1.2%
ACC-05: By 31 March 2022, make use of GP patient survey results for practices to identify patient groups experiencing inequalities in their experience of access to general practice, and develop and implement a plan to improve access for these patient groups N/A 56 N/A N/A