BMA guidance

Racial harassment charter for medical schools

Learn how to implement the BMA charter against racial harassment in your medical school
Location: UK
Audience: Medical academics
Updated: Friday 14 February 2020
Topics: Discrimination
Discrimination crossed out circle illustration

What you will get from this guidance

  • A charter for medical schools to prevent and address racial harassment
  • Guidance on how to implement the charter in your medical school
  • Supportive case studies, testimonials from students, and a glossary on what constitutes racial harassment


How to use this guidance

We have listened to BAME medical students’ experiences of racial harassment and undermining behaviours, and know that it can be hard for them to know what to do and who to talk to about it.

In response, we developed this charter for medical schools which sets out clear standards, including support and training on how to respond when such behaviour is seen or experienced.


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  • A charter for medical schools to prevent and address racial harassment
  • Supporting individuals to speak out
  • A case study from BWE Bristol University
  • Processes for reporting and handling complaints
  • Mainstreaming equality, diversity and inclusion across the learning environment
  • A case study from Cardiff University School of Medicine
  • Addressing racial harassment on work placements
  • Legal obligations
  • A case study from St George's University School of Medicine
  • Glossary