COVID-19: analysing the impact of coronavirus on doctors

We have been surveying our members through the pandemic to understand what doctors are experiencing so we can play this back to the Government. We have also been analysing vaccine uptake in doctors.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Monday 2 October 2023
COVID virus illustration

Vaccination surveys

The BMA is monitoring the roll out of both first and second dose vaccination against COVID-19 as we campaign for rapid vaccine distribution to doctors.

Since 9 January, we have surveyed a sample of members regularly, with many thousands of you responding each time. The surveys track the roll out in absence of publicly available data.

Most UK doctors in frontline patient-facing roles have received both vaccine doses (latest data 2 April).

Our latest survey suggests that second doses have continued being to be delivered swiftly, with between 8 and 9 in 10 of respondents UK wide (85%) reporting they had received both doses, compared to 6 in 10 (59%) in March.

In the latest survey wave, there were no differences in rate of second dose by being identified as at higher clinical risk from COVID-19 or meaningful differences by ethnicity.


Survey results - March 2021

COVID tracker surveys

We sent out our first survey to our members in April 2020 to ensure the voice and experiences of UK doctors are heard by the public and Government.

For results of our COVID-19 tracker surveys from April 2020 to present, see the resources section below.