BMA Charities

BMA Charities is committed to providing support to doctors and medical students who are in financial need.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Thursday 3 August 2023
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The BMA Charities is two charities which help all doctors, and their dependents, and medical students in times of financial crisis. 

BMA Charities


BMA Charities Trust Fund

This fund offers grants to doctors and medical students who are in financial difficulty.

It provides:

  • annual grants to medical students who are taking medicine as a second degree. Application packs for these grants are only available from November to mid-January each year
  • one-off grants to medical students who are in immediate and serious financial need
  • one-off grants to unemployed doctors for essential items such as utility bills, travel and disability equipment
  • one-off grants to working doctors in financial hardship for help with the GMC retention fee and professional indemnity insurance
  • grants to refugee and asylum seeking doctors to meet the costs of taking the PLAB exams and GMC registration
  • money advice for any doctor who is having difficulty managing financially.

The trustees may make other awards at their discretion.

The fund does not pay off debts or make grants for private medical expenses, legal fees, career development costs, mortgages or childcare costs.

You do not have to be a BMA member to apply.

Applications are accepted all year round except for those for second degree medical students.

Applicants are asked to complete an application form and provide financial information and the contact details for two referees. The process takes approximately four weeks from the receipt of a fully completed application.

Charity registration number: 219102


The Dain Fund

The fund helps with the education and support of doctors’ children when there are financial problems in the family. In most of the families helped the parents are out of work or on a very low income.

The fund particularly welcomes applications from refugee doctors.

Grants are made for items such as:

  • school clothing
  • school trips
  • essential IT equipment
  • disability equipment
  • breakfast clubs
  • short-term school fees (occasionally).

The fund is unable to help with childcare costs for working doctors.

You do not have to be a BMA member to make an application.

Applications are accepted all year round.

Charity registration number: 313108


Making a donation

Please consider making a donation to us via the BMA Charities website


Contact us

If you wish to receive more information or discuss your situation with us, get in touch: 

  • email us (please note any attachment sent will not be opened)
  • call 07483 115411.

If we are unable to help we will try to provide you with information about other organisations which might be able to assist.