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Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Thursday 24 October 2019
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BMA Giving

Other applications to BMA Giving are now closed. The winners will be announced in June 2021.

BMA Giving is a committee of BMA members who meet annually to determine BMA grants to healthcare charities. The committee is chaired by Professor Averil Mansfield CBE.

The committee awards grants totalling £150,000 to charities whose research projects fall within the objects of the BMA: 

  • promoting the medical and allied sciences
  • maintaining the honour and interests of the medical profession
  • promoting the achievement of high quality healthcare.

The committee also welcomes applications from charities where doctors play a key role in the charity’s work.

Grants eligibility and criteria

Charities are asked to consider how working with the BMA, a membership organisation of 160,000 doctors and medical students, is relevant to their mission and could benefit their work.

BMA Giving grants are only available for UK registered charities.

Charities may apply for any amount up to, but not exceeding, £50,000. Smaller grants will also be considered. Grants are not available for individuals, including tuition and course fees.

BMA Giving grants are assessed by the BMA Giving committee. In judging the applications, the committee consider the following points:

  • importance of the work - the lasting benefits that the organisation/project will create to patient care, the medical profession or medical and health research
  • project reliability and sustainability- excellent planning and design of projects, risk mitigating and safeguarding strategies
  • appropriate use of funds - the funded supplies or services that will provide a valuable contribution to the project, accuracy of quotation, project completion dependency on external funding.

See the BMA Giving terms and conditions for further details.

Successful applicants will be asked to provide progress reports and regular updates.

Applications for projects that support the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students must complement existing BMA services. See the BMA wellbeing support services page for further details.

Application process

During the application period, applications are submitted via the BMA Giving online system. Submission in hard copy is not accepted.

Applicants are required to upload a minimum of three attachments in PDF format. These are:

  • charity number and mission statement
  • relevant financial documents for the project
  • planning document for the project
  • a safeguarding policy.

For more information on BMA grants, email [email protected] or call 020 7383 6863


BMA Foundation for Medical Research

The BMA Foundation for Medical Research awards funds to encourage and further medical research. Approximately 12 research grants totalling £800,000 are awarded each year, all funded by past bequests and donations to the BMA.

The grants are awarded to medical doctors and research scientists to help fund innovative medical research in a variety of areas, from cancer and heart disease to asthma and schizophrenia, as well as many others. For many, they are key to supporting career developing and contributing to advances in medical research.

For more information or clarification please contact [email protected] or call 0207 383 6341.


Social mobility foundation (SMF)

The BMA works in partnership with the social mobility foundation (SMF).

SMF is a charity which aims to make a practical improvement in social mobility for young people from low-income backgrounds.

The SMF was founded in 2005 in order to provide opportunities and networks of support for 16-17 year olds who are unable to get them from their schools or families.


Widening participation in medicine

We are committed to ensuring that medicine is a career for anyone who wishes to become a doctor, regardless of their social or economic background.

Find out more about our commitment to widening participation in the medical profession.


7/7 Tavistock Square Memorial Trust

The number 30 bus blast occurred and 13 people lost their lives on 7 July 2005.

Annual lectures took place following the event at BMA House, to discuss the positive steps being made in the area of counter terrorism.

Since the tragic event a memorial was unveiled on 12 September 2018.