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Charitable giving

The BMA and our staff support charities in a number of ways: through a fund to promote the medical and allied sciences and the achievement of high quality healthcare, by supporting a charity of the year as voted by staff and through payroll giving.

  • BMA Giving: charitable purposes subcommittee

    BMA Giving is a committee of BMA members who meet annually to determine the grants which are made by the BMA to healthcare charities.

    The purpose of the donation must fall within the objects of the BMA which include:

    • promoting the medical and allied sciences
    • maintaining the honour and interests of the medical profession
    • promoting the achievement of high quality healthcare.

    This year, the committee will give priority to applications which align with the BMA’s mission: “We look after doctors so they can look after you.” 

    The committee also welcomes applications from charities where doctors play a key role in the charity’s work.

    Online applications for the 2020 grants are now open and will close on Friday 27 March 2020 at midnight.

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    BMA Giving terms and conditions


    BMA Giving committee

    The BMA Giving committee is chaired by Professor Averil Mansfield CBE. Professor Mansfield graduated from the University of Liverpool in 1960 and trained as a general surgeon. In 1993, she became the UK’s first female professor of surgery at St Mary’s Hospital.

    She has served as Vice president of the Royal College of Surgeons and President of the Association of Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland, the Vascular Surgical Society and the Section of Surgery of the Royal Society of Medicine. She is a past president of the BMA (2009 – 2010) and past chair of the Board of Science (2010-2015).

    Professor Mansfield chaired the Stroke Association between 2003 and 2008 and is an ambassador of the BMA Foundation for Medical Research. She also won the NHS Heroes lifetime achievement award in 2018.


    Frequently asked questions

    Who is not eligible for BMA Giving grants?

    Our BMA Giving grants aim to support smaller charities registered in the United Kingdom, especially those working at grass roots and local community level. 

    The committee will give preference to charities that have an annual income of less than £350,000 per annum, however applications from larger or national charities will be considered. We are not able to support applications from individuals, including tuition and course fees.

    See the BMA Giving terms and conditions for further details.


    How much funding can an applicant apply for?

    Applicant charities may apply for any amount up to, but not exceeding, £50,000. Smaller grants will also be considered.


    Application process

    Can I submit a hard copy of my application form?

    No. Applications must be submitted via the BMA Giving online application system. 

    What is needed to apply online?

    As part of the application process, applicants will be required to upload a minimum of three attachments in PDF format. These are:

    • Relevant financial documents for the project
    • Planning document for the project
    • A safeguarding policy


    Grant criteria

    BMA Giving grants are assessed by the BMA charitable purposes subcommittee. In judging the applications, the committee consider the following points.

    Importance of the work

    • Does the organisation/project create lasting benefits to patient care, the medical profession or medical and health research?

    Project reliability

    • Is the project well designed?
    • Are the project and organisation sustainable?
    • Have the relevant risks been identified and are sufficient mitigating strategies in place?
    • Are the appropriate safeguarding checks in place?

    Appropriate use of funds

    • Will the supplies or services for which funding is requested provide a valuable contribution to the project?
    • Is the funding requested appropriate for the supplies or services detailed; i.e. has the applicant given an accurate quotation or realistic estimates?
    • Is the completion of the project dependent on the applicant securing funds from other sources?

    See the BMA Giving terms and conditions for further details.



    When can I apply for funding?

    Online applications for the 2020 BMA Giving grant round are now open and will close on 27 March 2020.

    When will successful applicants be notified?

    Successful applicants will be notified in July.

    When will the money be available?

    For successful applicants, funding will be available following the receipt of the signed grants offer letter.


    More information

    Please email [email protected] or call 020 7383 6409 for more information.

  • BMA Foundation for Medical Research

    The BMA Foundation for Medical Research awards funds to encourage and further medical research. Approximately 12 research grants totalling £600,000 are awarded each year, all funded by past bequests and donations to the BMA.

    The grants are awarded to medical doctors and research scientists to help fund innovative medical research in a variety of areas, from cancer and heart disease to asthma and schizophrenia, as well as many others. For many, they are key to supporting career developing and contributing to advances in medical research.


    More information

    For more information or clarification please contact [email protected] or call 0207 383 6341.

    For updates on BMA Foundation news please follow @BMAFoundationMR on Twitter.

  • citizenAID

    The BMA awarded the medical charity citizenAID with £35,000 in funding and provided technical support in creating new training material for members of the public on how to respond to terrorist-related medical emergencies.

    Set up in 2016 by two civilian and two military doctors, the charity gives practical skills and knowledge on how to provide first-response assistance to victims of bomb-blast, knife and gunshot injuries.

    Drawing on military training and experience, the charity hopes to increase the public's ability to provide life-saving care in the aftermath of terrorist incidents.

    BMA funding will be used to further enhance the charity's educational reach, including an online training programme and an accredited face-to-face training scheme to provide volunteers with certified training.

    As well as the donation, the BMA has made its video editing resources at BMA House available to support the charity in producing videos and other digital content.

    Watch the video to find out more.

  • Staff charity of the year

    Each year, BMA staff select a charity to receive donations raised by fundraising activities throughout the year (from January to December). These activities are organised by the BMA staff charity committee which also oversees the selection process to ensure it is as fair and transparent as possible.

    Initiatives include bake sales, sporting events, merchandise, and the annual staff quiz and pantomime. Events such as BMA and BMJ charity staff band night, and a drop-in afternoon tea, such as the Big7Tea celebration to mark the NHS 70th birthday, have also raised money.

    Staff can submit their nominated charities in December when a vote is conducted to select the charity for the next year.

    Note: This process is entirely internal and we are not able to accept external applications from charities.


    BMA staff charity of the year 2018


    In 2018 staff at the BMA will support YoungMinds, the UK’s leading charity committed to improving the wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Approximately three children in every classroom have a mental health concern, but only about 25 per cent are helped due to lack of resources.

    YoungMinds aims to:

    • Foster innovation to meet the needs of vulnerable and excluded children and young people.
    • Promote good mental health to more children and young people than ever before.
    • Champion the voices of young people and parents to influence mental health policy and practice.
    • Inspire excellence to achieve transformed, integrated services.

    Visit the YoungMinds website for more information


    In recent years BMA staff have supported the following charities:

    • Target Ovarian Cancer
    • Little Hearts Matter
    • Mental Health Research UK
    • Families Against Neuroblastoma
    • Winston's Wish
    • Stepping Up
    • Canine Partners
    • Changing Faces
    • Kids for Kids
    • Variety Club
    • HALO Trust
    • Dreams come true
    • Blind Veterans UK
    • Sense and Contact a Family.