The myth of the common law spouse: claims on relationship breakdown of cohabiting couples

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We will explore claims in relation to property: Trust of Lands and Appointment of Trustees Act; claims in relation to children under the Children Act; and wealth protection.

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The myth of a common law spouse pervades society – but there is no such thing in law. So, what claims do couples who live together have against one another if relationships sour? How are children provided for on relationship breakdown? And what steps can you take to secure your financial position?


What this event will cover

Property Claims under Trust of Lands and Appointment of Trustees Act: examining legal aspects surrounding claims related to property and real estate, navigating through the provisions outlined in the Trust of Lands and Appointment of Trustees Act.

Children's Claims under the Children Act: delving into the legal framework provided by the Children Act concerning claims related to children in the context of relationship breakdowns, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the rights and responsibilities involved.

Wealth Protection: exploring strategies and legal measures for safeguarding financial interests, providing practical insights into wealth protection amid relationship uncertainties.


Key speakers

Katherine Kennedy, Partner, Mills & Reeve

Katherine leads the Birmingham family team at Mills & Reeve and is known for her commercial and sensitive approach to often complex family law cases involving businesses, trusts and international aspects. Katherine is a “top notch forensically excellent lawyer…very clever and pragmatic.” (Legal 500, 2023)

She regularly represents medical professionals and their families.

Stephanie Hawthorn, Associate, Mills & Reeve

Stephanie Stephanie is an associate in the Mills & Reeve family team and assists individuals at all stages through a relationship or marriage breakdown. She has experience in cohabitation disputes, whether involving children or not and has supported clients through particularly difficult domestic abuse injunctions.

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