Welsh general practitioners committee

GPC (general practitioners committee) Wales represents all general practitioners working in Wales. Find out more about our priorities, meetings and members.

Location: Wales
Audience: GPs
Updated: Thursday 4 April 2024
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​GPC Wales is the only body that represents all NHS GPs in Wales, whether they are BMA members or not. We negotiate the GP contract with the Welsh Government, and work to improve the care of patients and the working lives of doctors.

Our priorities

Welsh GP contract for 2023/24

GPC Wales has prepared a guidance which provides an overview of key contractual changes for 2023/24 alongside guidance on some specific elements.

GP contract Wales 2023/24


Firearms process in Wales

GPC Wales has engaged with Welsh Government and all four Welsh police forces to produce an agreed and consistent firearms licensing process and application form (WMF1).

This form and process applies across wales and has been endorsed by all Welsh police forces.

State-backed GP indemnity for Wales

GPC Wales has produced a ’Focus on‘ document, answering some of the frequently asked questions regarding the state-backed GP indemnity scheme for Wales (GMPI). Please note that this is an evolving document, please check back regularly for updates.

Practice closure

GPC Wales has produced a heat map of Wales which captures practices that have closed, have transferred to health board management, or are deemed at risk.

Save our surgeries

Our Save our surgeries campaign asks the Welsh Government to commit to a rescue package for General Practice.


Safe working guidance


GPC Wales has produced updated guidance on the employment status of GPs working in OOH or managed practices.

The guidance is particularly relevant to GPs working in those settings who believe they should be entitled to Welsh Government’s COVID-19 bonus payment, but have not received it due to their employment status classification by their health board.

We’re also focused on:​​

  • ensuring general practice is at forefront of public and Welsh Government opinion when designing and delivering services and policies for the Welsh population
  • working to deliver more resources to general practice and primary care in line with Welsh Government strategic policies and priorities
  • supporting clusters to get their potential truly delivered and enabling horizontal integration to further support practices
  • addressing the challenges specifically facing rural practices
  • addressing the recruitment and retention challenge and promoting general practice as a career option via: supporting extended training; ensuring retainer and returner schemes are in place; and specifically looking at drivers to both recruit and retain GPs in Wales
  • supporting sessional GPs
  • enhancing the stability of practices through action on premises and last person standing liabilities.


Our people

Chair: Dr Gareth Oelmann

Deputy chair: Dr Ian Harris


Voting members

Dr Om Aggarwal
Dr Vijay Anand
Dr David Bailey
Dr Sara Bodey
Dr Josephine Cheetham
Dr David Church
Dr Natasha Collins
Dr Phil Cox
Dr Stephen Davies
Dr Tim Davies
Dr Paul Emmett
Dr Susan Fairweather
Dr Sandar Hlaing
Dr James Lloyd
Dr Rebekah Price
Dr Bethan Roberts
Dr Has Shah
Dr Nimish Shah
Dr Kevin Thomas
Dr Helen Wang

Non-voting members

Dr Manish Adke
Dr Iona Collins
Dr Julie Jones
Colette McNally
Dr Stephen Monaghan
Dr Caroline Seddon
Dr Evan Sun
Dr Peter Thomas
Dr Phil White
Dr Joshua William James Thomas-Parr

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Develop your skills as a committee member

Take part in one of our free courses designed to give you the right skills to:

  • break down equality and inclusion bias (CPD-accredited)
  • value difference and inclusivity
  • live our BMA behaviour principles.
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Our meetings

GPC Wales meets four times a year to discuss the latest issues facing general practice in Wales. These meetings are open to members of GPC Wales only, but non-members can apply for the BMA committee visitors scheme.

Meeting dates:

  • Thursday 13 July 2023

  • Thursday 26 October 2023

  • Thursday 25 January 2024

  • Thursday 25 April 2024

For more information please email [email protected]


How to join

There are many advantages to becoming involved in our committees. You can actively influence BMA policy-making and negotiations, represent your colleagues' voices and develop your leadership skills. 

Each committee has a few routes to becoming an elected member. In the case of GPCW, these are: 

Local medical committees
  • Seats/term - All five LMCs in Wales elect 16 representatives for a three-session term. 
  • Timeline - elections are run by the LMCs and timelines may vary.
  • Eligibility - contact your local medical committee to find out the eligibility criteria.
Regional elections to GPC UK
  • Seats/term - every year, a third of the 43 UK regions elect a representative for a three-session term to GPC UK. Welsh elected representatives have a voting seat on GPC UK and GPCW.
  • Timeline - elections are usually held in February or March.
  • Eligibility - all GPs who are BMA members are eligible to stand if they live or work in the relevant regions. All GPs can vote in this election.
LMC UK conference elections
  • Seats/term - every year, representatives of the LMC UK conference from Wales are to GPC UK for a one-session term. The elected representative has a voting seat on GPCW.
  • Timeline - elections are held at the LMC UK conference in May.
  • Eligibility - only LMC UK conference delegates can stand and vote in this election. Any GP practicing in Wales, or a medically-qualified secretary of a Welsh LMC, can be elected by the Annual Conference of LMCs to one of the seven elected GPC UK seats. 
ARM elections
  • Seats/term - every year, elections for two seats on GPC UK take place for a one-session term. They both have a voting seat on GPCW.
  • Timeline - the nomination period opens a month before ARM, and voting closes a few days after ARM.
  • Eligibility - all UK GP BMA members can stand for election but only ARM delegates can vote.
GP registrar subcommittee elections
  • Seats/term - every year, one member for Wales is elected from the GP Trainee subcommittee elections for a two-session term. The elected representative has a voting seat on GPCW.
  • Timeline - GP registrars regional elections are usually held in March or April. 
  • Eligibility - all GP registrars who are BMA members in Wales are eligible to stand in this election. All GP registrars can vote in this election. 
Sessional GPs committee elections
  • Seats/term - every year, one member for Wales is elected from the sessional GPs committee elections for a three-session term. The elected member has a voting seat on GPCW.
  • Timeline - these elections are usually held in March or April.
  • Eligibility - all salaried, freelance and locum GPs* who are BMA members in Wales are eligible to stand in this election. All salaried, freelance and locum GPs can vote in this election.

*Salaried or freelance/locum GPs will be eligible if, for the six months before the election, their NHS general practice performer's work has been solely as a salaried and/or freelance GP (excluding work as a GP appraiser) or a GP trainee, and an average of at least seven hours per week of NHS general practice work has been undertaken for that period.

Please check the election sections of the following committees for details about any running elections for representatives to GPCW:

These details are updated regularly, so please keep checking the pages throughout the year.

Should you wish to join the committee via LMCs elections, contact your local LMC for further information.



Elections for WGPC are now closed.


Get in touch

If you are interested in finding out more about the work of the GPC Wales, email [email protected] or call 029 2047 4625.

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