COVID-19: analysing the impact of coronavirus on doctors

We are surveying our members to understand what doctors are experiencing so we can play this back to the Government. We highlight key findings from BMA surveys and access to results.

Location: UK
Audience: All doctors
Updated: Wednesday 9 September 2020

Our surveys

We sent out our first survey at the beginning of April, our most recent survey closed on 13 August.

In total, nearly 4,000 doctors took part in our last survey. They continue to be vital in helping us tackle the issues doctors are experiencing on the ground and in providing the evidence we need to lobbying Government.

Survey results - 13 August 2020

Key findings

These findings are from a survey to doctors in England and Wales which closed on 13 August 2020:

  • 60% of doctors said they were not very, or not at all, confident in their local health economy managing demand as normal NHS services resume
  • half of doctors said they were not very, or not at all, confident in being able to manage a second wave of Covid-19
  • 26% of doctors said that in the last two weeks non-Covid demand had increased to pre-pandemic levels, with 17% saying that demand is now even higher than it was before.


Response tracker

This document demonstrates how the responses which we’ve received on vital issues including PPE, testing and the NHS’s preparedness for the COVID-19 pandemic have changed over the course of the four COVID-19 surveys which we’ve undertaken to date.

Campaigning for doctors during COVID-19
Campaigning for doctors during COVID-19

We are campaigning for protections for doctors fighting COVID-19. BMA priorities are:

  • PPE
  • Testing for healthcare workers
  • Expanding the workforce
  • Death in service protection


Our campaign
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