Locum chambers toolkit


Location: UK
Audience: GPs
Updated: Wednesday 1 May 2024
Topics: Contracts

Chambers is a model of working where:

  • locums group together but maintain their self-employed status, and can still participate in the NHS superannuation scheme providing they are paid directly and not via a third party
  • the group pays a proportion of their income to the chambers in exchange for administrative and peer support, for which they may employ a manager to assist
  • work is usually done to an agreed fee schedule but locums can still retain the flexibility to decide their own working hours, dates and which practices they wish to work in
  • ​work can be found for members in much the same way that an agency would place a locum, giving practices the option of reaching several locums with a single contact, as the chambers would have carried out all necessary checks and having access to the GPs members' diaries. 

The chambers arrangement can assist in maintaining professional standards through proper recruitment procedures when joining, systematic feedback systems, and educational and significant event analysis (SEA) meetings. Chambers locums remain self-employed.