BMA Giving awards charities supporting doctors during COVID-19

by Jennifer Trueland

Projects to support doctors to help people facing child bereavement, and to communicate to hard-to-reach groups about COVID-19 are among the latest recipients of grants from BMA Giving.

Location: UK
Published: Monday 18 May 2020
BMA in the news Illustration

The committee has agreed awards for charities which support doctors and medical students who need financial assistance because of COVID-19, and one that facilitates volunteer medics to offer virtual consultations to vulnerable communities who can’t access health services.

It is also today launching a second round of grants – and is calling on those who believe they are eligible to apply.

The BMA Giving grants scheme aims to support smaller charities registered in the UK, particularly those working at grassroots and community level, and priority is given to those which align with the BMA’s mission of ‘we look after doctors so they can look after you’.

As usual, this round of grants has been focused on helping those charities who share BMA values, such as being committed to promoting the achievement of high-quality healthcare and maintaining the honour and interests of the medical profession. The difference this time is that the money has been made available for projects aimed at mitigating or tackling the challenges of COVID-19.

BMA council deputy chair David Wrigley (pictured) said: ‘The BMA Giving committee meets regularly throughout the year and during this crisis to direct charitable funds to where they are needed most; at present this is the front line of the fight against COVID-19. We were impressed by the outstanding range of applications from charities that are working to support doctors and medical students as they fight COVID-19.

‘As we launch this second wave of support, charities who are working to support the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students are encouraged to apply for a grant. We are confident that the projects supported by BMA Giving will make a real difference to doctors and medical students, as well as the patients and communities they serve at this difficult time.’

The award winners are:

  • The Cameron Fund receives £40,000 to support its response to COVID-19. The fund provides grants to GPs and their families who are in financial hardship, often owing to a combination of life-changing events, including physical illness, mental ill-health, bereavement, and performance issues or unemployment.
  • Child Bereavement UK receives £12,700 to fund a series of webinars to help doctors recognise the impact of working in the face of loss, grief and bereavement.
  • Doctors of the World receives £20,000 to develop a virtual consultation service. This will enable volunteer doctors and others to continue to offer consultations, advice and prescription services to vulnerable communities unable to access health services.
  • Medical Aid Films receives £20,000 to develop animated education films that health professionals and volunteers can use to communicate with hard-to-reach communities about COVID-19.
  • The Royal Medical Benevolent Fund receives £25,000. It will be used to support the RMBF’s grant scheme to support doctors, medical students and their families who need financial assistance because of the impact of COVID-19.

Today the BMA is also inviting applications for a second round of grants focused on the medium- to long-term impact of the pandemic. Grants of up to £50,000 will be awarded to charities working to support the health and wellbeing of doctors and medical students as they tackle COVID-19. More information is available here