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Induction for junior doctors

What is induction to work?

Induction is a workplace-specific process that ensures new employees understand the employers' local practices and policies, both clinical and non-clinical.

A well-planned induction should help a doctor become familiar with their new working environment, and to work effectively, so that they can provide excellent care.

Induction is work, and will generally take place during working hours. Where induction takes place outside working hours – for example with online modules – you should receive either pay or time off in lieu at an appropriate rate.

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Meet the BMA at your induction

The BMA attend as many induction events as possible across the UK. Find out when we will be visiting your Trust and see how we can help you with support at work.

Keep checking back for new dates and locations, which we update regularly.


Check your rota and contract

Make sure your rota is compliant with the new 2016 junior doctor contract in England.

Use the rota checker

We have information about your rota if you're in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, or still on the 2002 contract:

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Do you understand the details of your contract? We do! Send us a copy of your contract and our experts will check it on your behalf.

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Check your pay

Check you are being paid correctly by viewing the junior doctor pay scales information. If you find any discrepancies, call our BMA advisers immediately.

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Get to know your contract

As junior doctors in England transition to the new 2016 contract, we have a range of guidance and advice to help you to understand the terms and conditions.

Get advice on 2016 contract (England)

Get advice on 2002 contract (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland)


The code of practice in England

Make sure you’ve received all the necessary information before starting your post. The Code of Practice lays out the agreed set of information that recruiting organisations and employers should provide to doctors in training at each stage of the recruitment process, the first post and subsequent rotations. If you haven’t received your post information, we have provided guidance on what to do next.

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Shadowing for final year medical students

Shadowing is an arrangement where a final year medical student observes an existing Foundation Year 1 doctor (FY1) undertaking the usual activities required of their role.

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Your junior doctor handbook

Access a handy PDF version of your BMA employment handbook for junior doctors for an overview of your contract and much more. 

Download the junior doctor handbook