Pay scales for consultants in England

The basic pay scales for NHS consultants in England.

Location: England
Audience: Consultants
Updated: Monday 22 March 2021
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Fairness for the Frontline: demanding a pay rise for NHS consultants
Fairness for the Frontline: demanding a pay rise for NHS consultants


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The tables below list the basic pay scales for consultants in England, and the number of years of service needed to be completed by a consultant to be eligible for each point of the pay scale.

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Consultants on the 2003 contract

Threshold Value £
1 (starting salary) 82,096
2 (after 1 year completed as consultant) 84,667
3 (after 2 years completed) 87,238
4 (after 3 years completed) 89,809
5 (after 4 years completed) 92,372
6 (after 9 years completed) 98,477
7 (after 14 years completed) 104,584
8 (after 19 years completed) 110,683

Consultants on the pre-2003 contract

Level Value £
Basic 68,163
1 73,040
2 77,919
3 82,796
4 88,358

Clinical excellence awards 2020

Level Value £
Level 1 3,016
Level 2 6,032
Level 3 9,048
Level 4 12,064
Level 5 15,080
Level 6 18,096
Level 7 24,128
Level 8 30,160
Level 9 or bronze 36,192
Level 10 or silver 47,582
Level 11 or gold 59,477
Level 12 or platinum 77,320

New local clinical excellence awards (LCEAs)

The unit value of these awards has been uplifted by 2.5% from 1 April 2019. The single unit for awards granted between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2021 is now valued at £3,092.

This figure is used to determine an NHS employer’s funding commitment for their LCEA round in a given year. It does not mean that awards granted in that round will necessarily be of this value – this may vary depending on your employer’s agreed LCEA policy.


Further information

Bronze - platinum awards are awarded nationally by the advisory committee of CEAs (ACCEA).

Existing LCEAs (those awarded prior to 1 April 2018) for levels 2 - 9 are multiples of the Level 1 award (x2, x3, x4, x5, x6, x8, x10 and x12).

Details of discretionary points, distinction awards and intensity supplements are available in the pay circular above.

Doctors appointed before 2003 who are on new contracts
will be able to find their pay scales in the pay circular above, annex A, section 8.